Kick back & relax at the slime resort with your favorite #OOZ1ES

9,999 crypto collectibles on the Cardano blockchain



OOZ1ES were created to live forever on the Cardano Blockchain. There is a total of 9,999 unique OOZ1ES randomly generated for you to collect. No two OOZ1ES are alike, each one features 3 rarity categories: Body color, Hat, and Face.

Body colors = 52, Hat variations = 49, Face variations = 17 for a total of 118 total variations!

In the near future OOZ1ES will be featured in comic books & collectible toys from Anti.biz

If you like the stuff Anti.biz creates consider staking with our stake pool @ www.anti.biz/cardano we will always be a single pool & we donate to good causes as well!~


How can I buy an OOZ1ES?
What is a NFT?
What is metadata?
What is a policy number?
How do I view my NFT?


  • []   OOZ1ES web filter
  • []   Discord Hat game
  • []   Giveaways, give away free OOZ1ES during sale to active community members
  • []   More Filters on OOZ1ES website
  • []   Mix & Match tools
  • []   Design shirts / clothes with OOZ1ES on them
  • []   Custom Discord battle bot to battle OOZ1ES
  • []   Introduce OOZ1ES in the Anti.biz lore
  • []   Continue to build the community
  • []   Among Us mod?
  • []   Secret (Coming soon…)
  • []   Secret (Coming soon…)


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Only 9,999 OOZ1ES were ever minted using a time-locked policy. No two OOZ1ES are alike, and each OOZ1ES has a unique set of traits, making some OOZ1ES more valuable than others.

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